Why Google My Business Page is Important?


What are the Benefits of Google My Business Page?


Can We Generate Leads from Google My Business Page?


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We Will Show You, Why Google My Business Page is important. its Benefits & process of Generating Leads with Explanation.
As a Leading Digital Marketing Firm, We Help Number of Business Across Bangalore. By Listening to their Stories & Beliefs, We Build Strategies. Also Help them in Choose Right Audience & Increase Conversions.
Above All. We Build Thriving Brands that People Will Love.
Everything was Going Well Until, This Happened.
Few Months Back, A Business Person Visited Our Office in Bangalore. By His Face Expressions & Looks, We Can tell You that He has Gone Through Something Very Bad. We Were Left with no Other Choice then to Help Him. So We Imagined the Worst Case Scenario that Could happen.
And When Our Team Met Him & Spoke to Him for Few Hours Together. Then We Came to Know, How Bad His Story Was & Also His Problems.
GVM INFOTECH - Google My Business Page Optimization

What Happened to Him & His Business?

1) He Started a Car Detailing Business in Bangalore, Which is Quite Expensive.
2) Out of Curiosity in the Beginning, He Invested Lacks in First Few Months on Setup.
3) To Get the Returns Back, He Believed that He Should Invest Again on Branding & Advertising.
4) Yes. He Did Invest. Rs 2 Lakh for Branding and Other 50,000 rupees on Search Engine Optimization Every Month.
5) He Followed this Strategy for Almost a Year & Nothing Worked!
6) After 1 Year. He Said, He Had So Much Debt and He Had to Shutdown His Company.
After All this, We Asked Him to Wait for 1 day, So We Can See What Best Could be Done. When We did Some Research About His Business & the Strategies He Followed.
We Found Few Mistakes From Their Strategies.
We Also Prepared Few Solutions to His Business Problems.
The First One, Google My Business Page Optimization.
Google My Business Page is the Best Product in Digital Marketing to Increase Leads.
GVM INFOTECH - Digital Marketing Firm in Bangalore

Why Google My Business Page is Important?

1) 72% of Consumers Who Searched in Google for Services,End Up visiting Stores within 5 Miles.
2) More than 50% of ‘Near Me’ Searches Result in Store Visit.
3) More than 70% of the Consumers Prefer Searching for Local Business on Google.
4) 76% of the Searches Result in a Store Visit & 28% Out of Which is Conversions.
5) People Search for local Business At-least Once a Week.

Source : Go Gulf

Concluding All these Above Facts. We Optimized His Google My Business Page for Targeted Keywords.
Yes! After 2 Months, We Saw Something Wonderful happening.
He Started Generating Leads Regularly and His Conversions Increased by 30% Every Month.
He Called Us, We Met Him, He Was Very Happy with Our Work.
He Has Also Started a New Branch Now.
He was Also Ready to Invest in Our Company. that’s How Happy He Was.
Only After This Project’s Success. We Realized How Powerful Was Google My Business Page Optimization.


How to Optimize Google My Business Page?

Here’s a List of Few Important Factors to Optimize Google My Business Page Rankings.
1.Be Genuine: Your Business Presence in Google is Very Important. Do Not Try to Manipulate Google with Wrong information & Get Your Page Suspended.
2.Information: The Information Provided in Google is what Your Customers Believes in. So Make Sure that, Information is 100% Correct, True & Reliable.
3.Location: When it Comes to Google My Business Page, Location Matters! locate the Maps Correctly, So The Customers Can Find You.
4.Attributes: Add Keywords in Category, Descriptions and Menu in Google My Business Page.But We Do Not Recommend Keywords Stuffing.
5.Services: In Services, Be Sure to Explain the Benefits of Your Services to Your Customers.
6.Photo: Make a Professional Photo shoot of Your Business, Staff & Place. & Add them in Google My Business Page.
7.Reviews: Your Reviews are Important From Google Perspective to Rank You Higher. So Reply to All the Google Reviews & Try Keeping Your Ratings Above 4.
8.Contact: Give Your Primary Business Number. Respond to Customers Questions and Provide them Solutions.
9.Appointment: Add Appointment Timings in Google My Business Page. Also Ensure You keep up that Timing.
10.Customer Satisfaction: You Might Have Many Satisfied Customers. Show Your Customer Satisfaction in Google My Business Page.So Send the Link of Google My Business Page to Your Customers After the Service.
11.Directions: Help Your Customers by Giving Directions Accurately.
12.Messages: Speak With Your Customers Through Messages and Get to know What They Want. Their Expectations Might Be Different from Your Service.
13.Posts: Take the Help of Google Posts, Tell a Story to Your Audience, Explain How Better Your Services are.
All the 13 Factors above Mentioned are Just the Basic and it Might Work.
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We Will Help You in Developing Your Business. Boosting Leads & Increasing Conversion Rate.
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